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GTB is a premiere Hollywood talent booking agency that can help you book DJs, artists and musicians for your next event. We book talent for corporate events, private parties, commercial performances, college concerts, and your event.


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Booking Agent for Aubrey ODay
Booking Agent for David Hasslehoff
Booking Agent for Ed Sheeran
Booking Agent for Barbara Eden
Booking Agent for Adrian Grenier
Booking Agent for William Shatner
Booking Agent for A-Trak
Booking Agent for Victorias Secret Fashion Show
Booking Agent for Bad Boy Bill
Booking Agent for Bill Maher
Booking Agent for LL Cool J
Booking Agent for Brooke Hogan
Booking Agent for Erin Brockovich
Booking Agent for Adam Carolla
Booking Agent for Dane Cook
Game Show Hosts Booking a game show host for your event is one of the best ways Global Talent Booking can help you create a buzz. Game show hosts are very popular among a wide range of people and they provide a good, even range of fans from many different walks of life. If you want to have a good turnout for your private party, your benefit, or your corporate function, let Global Talent bring in a game show host to add more value the event.

At Global Talent Booking, we have agents who have 15 years of experience booking celebrities for events just like yours. There is an involved process that goes into getting a game show host to your event and we have made it as simple as possible. When you choose to book a game show host through Global Talent, you start off by providing us with an offer to make to the client. The agent then negotiates directly on your behalf to reach a reasonable offer that will make both you and the client happy. Because we have had so much time to build up relationships with these celebrities, we have access to them in ways that most people would not.

We also make it easier for you by handling the entire business aspect of the transaction. Global Talent knows that your top priority is having a successful event, so our top priority is to make it so that you have as much time and resources as possible to do just that. So instead of you making a bunch of phone calls and doing all of the negotiating dealing with contracts and complicated logistics, Global Talent Booking handles all of that for you so that you can put all of your time and focus into the actual planning of your event.

Game shows are watched and enjoyed by many. So the hosts have become extremely popular over the years. Global Talent can bring in some of the more current hosts such as Wayne Brady, as well as some of the beloved host from past seasons of game shows such as John OHurley. We can even get some of the longest running game show legends like Pat Sajak. It all depends on what you need to get your guests excited. When your potential attendees find out that one of these hosts will be in attendance, you end up with more people talking about it. When more people are talking about it, more people are likely to show up.

Another great advantage to having Global Talent book a game show host for your event is that people will remember how much they enjoyed it. Fans of these celebrities will talk about your event for years to come. Next time you plan a function, it will be that much easier to get your clients to come out. They will still remember how much they enjoyed the last event. Take some time to look through our list of game show hosts so that you can find one that is right for your event and let Global Talent Booking boost you and your turnout to the next level

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International Talent Booking Global Talent Booking Agents have decades of experience. Unlike most agents in the Talent & Entertainment industry, who average just a few years experience, Global Talent Booking Agents have over a decade of experience. Our agents help you book the right act, at the right price, every time. Global Talent Booking has booked thousands of bands, djs, models, hosts, masters of ceremony, and motivational speakers on 6 out of 7 continents. We've booked talent for work, pleasure, and everything in between. Global Talent Booking has booked thousands of performers, celebrities, musicians, speakers, models, actresses, actors, athletes, comedians, and artists. We stand ready to leverage this experience and expertise for you, and your next event. Don't settle for second rate agents or agencies. Demand better when it comes to booking your talent. Demand Global Talent Booking:
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Still not sure what type of talent is Right for You? Global Talent Booking can help. Our agents can suggest a handful of popular acts for your Corporate Event, Private Party, Festival, Show, or Promotional Moment. Our Talent Booking Agents are here to help you with what you need. Can't wait to see more? Click on one of several of the top entertainment genres below. Each is an example of world class entertainers GTB is ready to start booking for your next event.

Talent Booking Services:

Talent Booking

Talent Booking is dominated by negotiations, contracts, and details. In addition, the talent is always represented by their agents and attorneys. The question one should ask themselves is:

``Who will represent me?``

Global Talent Booking, with over 15 years of talent booking experience under our belt, has the connections, experience, & expertise you'll want on your side of the deal. We specialize is bringing exceptional talent to your doorstep, worldwide. We at Global Talent Booking have consistently booked events no matter their geographic location around the world. We have written contracts in thousands of jurisdictions, with individuals and organizations across various industries. Let us help you and your organization present a professional experience tailored precisely to your needs, budget, and time constraints. Let us help you streamline the negotiations, securing a fair price. Let us help you with standard logistics in unusual places, our experience on 6 continents is priceless when your organization avoids common pitfalls. We help you acquire the talent you want as well as manage all the ancillary booking service requirements. Global Talent Booking is the Professional Talent Booking Agency for all your needs including but not limited to:

Artists and Performers
College Concerts
Corporate Events
Event Production
Marketing and Promotions
Music Festivals
Private Events
Booking Agent for Ben Stein
Booking Agent for Danica Patrick
Booking Agent for Cameron Sinclair
Booking Agent for Farai Chideya
Booking Agent for Charles Barkley
Booking Agent for Magic Johnson
Booking Agent for Tyra Banks
Booking Agent for Esther Dyson
Booking Agent for Fareed Zakaria
Booking Agent for Mario Batali
Booking Agent for Bill Cosby
Booking Agent for Russell Simmons
Booking Agent for Wayne Gretzky
Booking Agent for Mario Andretti
Booking Agent for Wolfgang Puck

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