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GTB is a premiere Hollywood talent booking agency that can help you book DJs, artists and musicians for your next event. We book talent for corporate events, private parties, commercial performances, college concerts, and your event.


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Booking Agent for Michael Phelps
Booking Agent for Carl Lewis
Booking Agent for Wayne Gretzky
Booking Agent for Billy Kidd
Booking Agent for Danica Patrick
Booking Agent for Tony Hawk
Booking Agent for Dennis Rodman
Booking Agent for Charles Barkley
Booking Agent for Ronda Rousey
Booking Agent for Lance Armstrong
Booking Agent for Natalie Coughlin
Booking Agent for Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Booking Agent for Andre Agassi
Booking Agent for Randy Couture
Booking Agent for Anderson Silva
Booking Boxers and Fighters With Global Talent Booking, you will make your event a total knockout by acquiring one of our major boxing athletes. Boxing's top athletes like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are easily accessible. One of our knowledgeable and helpful agents will help you to book your favorite athlete without any hassle.

Boxing has always been a sport of heroes, legends and superstars. The sport has been internationally revered for decades. Global Talent will book a major boxer for your private party, professional event, or benefit. When your potential guests find out who is attending, it starts a viral conversation. People begin to talk about the boxing legend who will be at your event and that alone sets you apart from anything else that may be happening that night. We at Global Talent know the value of a celebrity's name. We have 15 years of experience booking talent for events like yours and doing what's necessary to take your function to the next level.

Our agents take your offer and use our established relationships to reach out to clients in ways that would otherwise be much more difficult. The agents negotiate on your behalf and on behalf of the client to get a good deal to please you both. Global Talent Bookings is diligent in finding a good price for you to book your boxing star. We also handle the logistics and the paperwork so that you can focus all of your time and effort on everything else related to your event. We know that it takes a lot of work to execute.

With a boxing star at your event, you will experience the benefit of ensuring the best possible attendance rate. Not only that, but your guests will have a much better time having the privilege of sharing a venue with some of the most talented fighters in the world. These athletes work hard, suffer, and risk injury every time they step into the ring. Global Talent's agents fight for you outside of the ring as hard as hard as these boxers fight for you inside of the ring. It is our priority that your event is unforgettable.

It's important to note that we manage the legally binding contracts that make everything possible. Global Talent helps you to protect yourself at all times in order to keep you moving forward with your future endeavors. Once you book a boxing legend for your event through Global Talent, you'll have set a precedent for all events to come. By the time you're finished planning the next event, people will still be talking about the last. Anyone who missed your last event will already be anxiously looking forward to you throwing a new one.

Boxing Stars making an appearance at an event can increase the amount of customers, which will increase the amount of revenue. Global Talent Booking makes the process easy for you by giving you options, finding out exactly what you need, and brokering the best deal for you. The result is an extraordinary event.

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International Talent Booking Global Talent Booking Agents have decades of experience. Unlike most agents in the Talent & Entertainment industry, who average just a few years experience, Global Talent Booking Agents have over a decade of experience. Our agents help you book the right act, at the right price, every time. Global Talent Booking has booked thousands of bands, djs, models, hosts, masters of ceremony, and motivational speakers on 6 out of 7 continents. We've booked talent for work, pleasure, and everything in between. Global Talent Booking has booked thousands of performers, celebrities, musicians, speakers, models, actresses, actors, athletes, comedians, and artists. We stand ready to leverage this experience and expertise for you, and your next event. Don't settle for second rate agents or agencies. Demand better when it comes to booking your talent. Demand Global Talent Booking:
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Bookable Talent Rosters:

Still not sure what type of talent is Right for You? Global Talent Booking can help. Our agents can suggest a handful of popular acts for your Corporate Event, Private Party, Festival, Show, or Promotional Moment. Our Talent Booking Agents are here to help you with what you need. Can't wait to see more? Click on one of several of the top entertainment genres below. Each is an example of world class entertainers GTB is ready to start booking for your next event.

Talent Booking Services:

Talent Booking

Talent Booking is dominated by negotiations, contracts, and details. In addition, the talent is always represented by their agents and attorneys. The question one should ask themselves is:

``Who will represent me?``

Global Talent Booking, with over 15 years of talent booking experience under our belt, has the connections, experience, & expertise you'll want on your side of the deal. We specialize is bringing exceptional talent to your doorstep, worldwide. We at Global Talent Booking have consistently booked events no matter their geographic location around the world. We have written contracts in thousands of jurisdictions, with individuals and organizations across various industries. Let us help you and your organization present a professional experience tailored precisely to your needs, budget, and time constraints. Let us help you streamline the negotiations, securing a fair price. Let us help you with standard logistics in unusual places, our experience on 6 continents is priceless when your organization avoids common pitfalls. We help you acquire the talent you want as well as manage all the ancillary booking service requirements. Global Talent Booking is the Professional Talent Booking Agency for all your needs including but not limited to:

Artists and Performers
College Concerts
Corporate Events
Event Production
Marketing and Promotions
Music Festivals
Private Events
Booking Agent for Carl Lewis
Booking Agent for Michael Phelps
Booking Agent for Wayne Gretzky
Booking Agent for Billy Kidd
Booking Agent for Tony Hawk
Booking Agent for Dara Torres
Booking Agent for Shawn White
Booking Agent for Andre Agassi
Booking Agent for Lance Armstrong
Booking Agent for Natalie Coughlin
Booking Agent for Jennifer Thompson
Booking Agent for Mark Spitz
Booking Agent for Magic Johnson

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